The routes

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Route characteristics: 45km, 2070m elevation gain
UTMB/ITRA-Points: 2


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Marathon Trail   


50 100 150 200 5 10 15 distance (km) elevation (m)
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distance: no data
minimum elevation: no data
maximum elevation: no data
elevation gain: no data
elevation loss: no data
duration: no data


latitude: 47° 36′ 23″
longitude: 16° 00′ 23″



Steyersberger Schwaig   

latitude: 47° 34′ 28″
longitude: 15° 54′ 29″


Labestation, WC

Hochwechsel (Wetterkoglerhaus)   

latitude: 47° 31′ 50″
longitude: 15° 54′ 53″



Stoa Alm   

latitude: 47° 31′ 03″
longitude: 15° 59′ 10″


Labestation, WC

Marienseer Schwaig   

latitude: 47° 32′ 15″
longitude: 15° 55′ 46″


Checkpoint, WC


latitude: 47° 32′ 41″
longitude: 15° 56′ 51″



Kampsteiner Schwaig   

latitude: 47° 33′ 40″
longitude: 15° 58′ 30″



Herrgottschnitzer Hütte   

latitude: 47° 33′ 35″
longitude: 15° 59′ 56″


Checkpoint, WC

The aid stations

Recharge your energy reserves at
  • Steyersberger Schwaig (9,5 km) – aid station, toilet
    water, coke, iso, bananas, bars, salt
  • Hochwechsel, Wetterkoglerhaus (15,5 km) – aid station
    water, coke, iso, bananas, cucumbers, gels, bars, wafers, bread, pretzels, salz, soup
  • Stoa Alm (21,6 km) – aid station, toilet
    water, coke, iso, bananas, cucumbers, gels, bars, wafers, bread, pretzels, salz
  • Schindelsteig (29,9 km) – aid station
    water, coke, iso, bananas, cucumbers, gels, bars, wafers, bread, pretzels, salz
  • Kampsteiner Schwaig (35,4 km) – Labe
    water, coke, iso, bananas, cucumbers, gels, bars, wafers, bread, pretzels, salz, soup

Zusätzlich sind noch zwei Checkpoints zu passieren:
  • Marienseer Schwaig (27,7km) – toilet
    drinking fountain
  • Herrgottschnitzer Hütte (37,4km) – toilet

The climbing profile

The schedule

DateTime Location
11.06.202117:30 – 19:30Bib pick-upAthletic field Kirchberg am Wechsel
12.06.202105:30 – 06:30Bib pick-upAthletic field Kirchberg am Wechsel
06:45Mandatory Race BriefingStarting area
07:00Start SPARKASSE Marathon Trail
14:00Award ceremonyAthletic field Kirchberg am Wechsel
15:00Closing time at finish line

    The mandatory equipment

    The participants are obliged to carry the following equipment with them:

    • Mobile phone (battery charged, with emergency number +43 660 23 000 77 saved)
    • Trail running shoes (profiled outsole)
    • Backpack or waist belt
    • min. 500ml liquid
    • Drinking cups (no cups available at the catering points – cups can be purchased in the starting area)
    • Rescue blanket or bivvy bag
    • Waterproof hooded rain jacket (10,000 mm water column)
    • In case of bad weather additionally: running pant or tight (or leg warmers), long sleeve shirt (or sleeves), running beanie, gloves

    If poles are used, they must be carried from the start to the finish.

    The mandatory equipment is randomly checked before the start. Controls are also possible at any time during the race and at the finish. If parts of the mandatory equipment cannot be shown when asked to do so, the participant may be refused the right to start or disqualified.

    Our services

    • Bib number and safety pins
    • Proper marked running track, as safety precautions e.g. numerous track marshals and mountain rescuers
    • Medical care at the finish
    • GPX-Track
    • Competition catering (refreshment stations along the route and in the finish area)
    • T-shirts for all participants registering before May 20th
    • Handmade medals 
    • Massage after the run in finish area
    • Trophies for the first three finisher of each age group (w/m)
    • Free use of showers and changing rooms in the finish area
    • Free parking

    Entry fee

    01.12.2020 – 30.04.2021: 77,00 EUR
    01.05.2021 – 08.06.2021: 87,00 EUR

    In case of having the event to be stopped/abandoned due to force majeure or official decree, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee. In case of cancellation of your entry, there is also no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee. However, a transfer of the entry fee to another participant is possible until the closing of registration.
    Entry fees already paid (via transfer / credit card / PayPal) will be refunded if the event has to be cancelled due to force majeure.

    The Regulations

    All regulations by the Austrian authorities such as the stipulated minimum distance and all other rules of conduct in accordance with the Covid-19 regulations valid at that very time of the event must be strictly adhered to by all people present on own responsibility.

    The event takes place in all weathers.

    To ensure a smooth flow of the competition, the following cut-off times must be kept in mind:

    • Aid station Hochwechsel (10:00 a.m.)
    • Aid station Stoa Alm (11:00 a.m.)
    • Aid station Kampsteiner Schwaig (1:40 p.m.)

    Participants exceeding the cut-off time will be taken out of the race. Return transport is taken care of by the organizer.

    Gels and bars must be marked with your start number using a waterproof pen. Please dispose your garbage in the waste containers provided at the refreshment stations. Participants disposing their packaging outside of the catering areas will be disqualified.

    At all time fairness and environmental awareness are required and essential. Any unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. taking shortcuts, leaving the marked track, infractions of official instructions or environmental awareness) will be disqualified by the race management without exception.

    In case of an emergency please call +43 660 23 000 77 specifying the emergency. The mountain rescue team will be informed by the race management.

    In case a participant has to abandon the race he/she is obliged to immediately inform the race management by SMS on +43 660 23 000 77. Each participant is responsible for his/her own return to the start / finish area at the athletic field in Kirchberg.

    The organizer reserves the right to change or adapt program and the course if necessary. The organizer is entitled to modify or shorten the route in case of bad weather or other unforeseeable happenings. In case of deteriorating conditions the organizer reserves the right to cancel the race. Participants start at their own risk. It is recommended to take out additional insurance coverage for injuries and accidents.

    The organizer does not assume liability for losses or damages of any kind, which directly or indirectly are related to the participation in the event.

    The route runs along marked hiking trails and is marked where confusing or unclear by a marking team with signs, ribbons or flags or secured by marshals. There is no claim for continuous marking of the route, which would make an autonomous orientation unnecessary. Especially in case of fog, heavy rains, snowfall or other adverse weather conditions, the marking may disappear, be covered or not be seen in time.
    Therefore, a GPX file is made available for download for each competition and using a GPS device (mobile phone, smartwatch, etc.) is recommended for autonomous orientation. Unfortunately, sometimes it might happen that the markings are removed by third parties. The markings are removed section by section by the final runners. Then, the route is no longer marked.

    The scoring system

    There will be 2 separate age group evaluations for women and men:

    • M/W - 1976
    • M/W 1977 -

    The three fastest women and men in each age group will be awarded with a wooden trophy.